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1. Preheat the coconut oil, add your diced onions and stir fry till golden brown.

2. Add your crushed ginger and garlic as well the blended fresh/chili peppers and turmeric, cook for about 2-3 minutes and add your diced tomatoes.
Leave it to fry for about 5 minutes till the sauce thickens up.

3. Season with your stock cubes and curry powder, add some salt to taste. Add your Tuna flakes/chunks and stir it until everything is well blended.

4. Add your shrimps/prawns to the sauce, add some water to thin out the sauce, cover it up and allow it to come to a simmer.

5. Add your cooked black eyed beans to the sauce and allow it to cook for about 5 minutes.

6. Add your cubed aubergine, diced carrots and sliced sweet peppers and mix thoroughly.
Leave it to cook for about 2 minutes in order to maintain the crunchiness of the veggies.

7. Serve with any of the following:
Local rice (brown/white), boiled yam/plantain/sweet potatoes etc.

Eden Tree Ingredients:

1. Black eye Beans (cooked)
2. Onions (diced)
3. Carrots (diced)
4. Aubergine (cubed)
5. Sweet pepper (sliced)
6. Tomatoes (chopped)
7. Fresh peppers/chilli ( blended)
8. Crushed Ginger & Crushed Garlic
9. Fresh Tumeric (blended)

*Other Ingredients*

10. Shrimps/Prawns
11. Coconut oil
12. Curry powder
13. Tuna flakes/ chunks
14. Stock cubes
15. Salt

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