Welcome to Eden Tree Ghana

Eden Tree is a leading producer and distributor of high-end fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs in Ghana. Our mission is to promote healthy eating habits in the country by producing, packaging, and supplying high quality vegetables, fruits, and herbs to the Ghanaian market.

Since the company’s incorporation in 1997, our philosophy has always been the same: quality and excellence at all cost. We grow our products with both the consumer’s health and safety and environmental sustainability in our mind. Our products come from our own farms in the Volta and Eastern regions of Ghana and from a unique list of exceptionally trained out growers. We combine our 19 years of experience with the expertise of leading local and international food and agriculture experts to ensure that our products are grown in strict compliance with international food safety standards. We are proud to have some of our products ‘Ghana Green Label’ certified, which means that they are produced with food safety and environmental sustainability in mind.

Our tireless efforts to constantly innovate and supply high quality products on the market with minimal interruption has made us a favorite among food retailers and consumers. Today, we supply over 80 vegetables, fruits, and herbs-related products to a customer base ranging from major food retailers and hotels in Ghana to restaurants and individual consumers. We offer high quality and speedy delivery services thanks to our vans and energetic drivers.

Our Vision

Eden Tree envisions to become the market leader in the agro-processing of packaged fresh fruits, herbs, and vegetables in Ghana.  The company aims to create a brand profile and a corporate culture of quality in the food service industry and carve a niche to build a profitable business, create employment and contribute to poverty reduction in Ghana

Our Mission

Our driving motor is ‘healthier people, a better nation’. Our mission is to live up to this motor  by promoting healthy eating habits  in Ghana through production, hygienic packaging, and distribution of fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

How we do it ...


With a fast growing economy and a rising middle-income class, the already rising demand for healthy food in Ghana will not slow down any time soon. At Eden Tree, we do not see this growing demand as a simple opportunity for doing business and filling up our pockets. We see it as a unique responsibility to help build a nation with healthier people; a nation where healthy eating habits become embedded in the culture as Ghana transitions from a developing to a truly emerging country.

With this in mind, we see it as our responsibility to inform consumers of where our products are coming from and the conditions in which they are produced

Green label certification

“The Ghana Green Label Scheme is aimed at promoting safe food production, postharvest handling and distribution using good and environmentally sustainable agricultural practices. Farmers, transporters and traders (wholesale and retail) subscribing to this Scheme must implement such practices.

The certification scheme is modelled to certify farms that comply with the requisite production and distribution systems that ensure that safety and environmental sustainability are not compromised until produce reaches the consumer. The implementation of this scheme should facilitate the eventual transition of the Ghanaian horticultural industry to sustainable agriculture. While the Ghana Green Label scheme targets the domestic market, it is expected to serve as an entry point for local farmers to access the international market”.

Some of Eden Tree farmers are Green Label Certified and the rest will be going through the right training process to get certified.


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